Flashing a broad smile feels great, unless you’re self-conscious about your teeth. Even if your teeth are worn, cracked, uneven, or discolored, there’s no longer a need to keep your mouth closed. Dr. Scalia and our certified team can make you proud to show off your grin with customized porcelain veneers.

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This cosmetic procedure typically requires 2-3 appointments. At the first appointment, Dr. Scalia will conservatively shape the surface of your teeth, make a careful impression, and then apply temporary veneers while your permanent ones are created. When you come back for your next appointment, Dr. Scalia will try on the new porcelain veneers to assess fit and cosmetics. If you and he love them, they are bonded onto your teeth giving you a durable, brighter smile. Should you or Dr. Scalia prefer to make modifications, the veneers can be sent back to the lab for changes and can be reexamined at a subsequent appointment.

Once in place, your porcelain veneers can be expected to last for more than ten, even 20 years — if well cared for! The best part is, no one will know you’ve had work done. Porcelain veneers can look and feel natural — like your own teeth, only better. When people see you smile, all they’ll see is a happier, more confident you.

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