Lawrenceville Esthetic Dentistry to Brighten Your Smile

Dr. Michael Scalia is your best choice for a Lawrenceville Cosmetic Dentist. He combines his expertise in prosthodontics with his passion for the art of dentistry to provide a full slate of services to cover your cosmetic dentistry needs. Don’t spend another moment hiding your smile – please contact us today to discover how we can help you smile with confidence.

Crowns and Bridges

When you need dental crowns and bridges in Lawrenceville, NJ, your missing or damaged teeth will soon become a thing of the past. No more hiding your smile; no more covering your mouth when you laugh. Just a complete, whole smile.

Dr. Scalia has an artist’s eye, so smile restorations completed using crowns and bridges always look beautiful and natural. He is renowned for his work on dental crowns and bridges in Lawrenceville, performing these cosmetic restorations using all ceramic products or a combination of metal and ceramic, depending on your individual needs.

Crowns cover a single tooth to create a beautiful new surface, while bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. Special types of bridges, called Maryland or Resin Bonded bridges, can replace a missing tooth while being attached to neighboring teeth. These unique bridges minimize (and sometimes eliminate) the need to reshape neighboring teeth in order to attach the bridge. This special type of bridge is used in very specific circumstances and may be right for you as well. All of these methods correct serious dental issues caused by illness, trauma, or wear and tear. Though the procedures typically take 2-4 appointments, the natural, healthy-looking results will be well worth it and endure the test of time when well maintained.

If you think crowns or bridges may be right for you, talk to Dr. Scalia and our dedicated team in Lawrenceville. The procedures will restore the full function of your teeth and can leave you with a bright, natural-looking smile.


Flashing a broad smile feels great, unless you’re self-conscious about your teeth. Even if your teeth are worn, cracked, uneven, or discolored, there’s no longer a need to keep your mouth closed. Dr. Scalia and our certified team can make you proud to show off your grin with customized porcelain veneers.

This cosmetic procedure typically requires 2-3 appointments. At the first appointment, Dr. Scalia will conservatively shape the surface of your teeth, make a careful impression, and then apply temporary veneers while your permanent ones are created. When you come back for your next appointment, Dr. Scalia will try on the new porcelain veneers to assess fit and cosmetics. If you and he love them, they are bonded onto your teeth giving you a durable, brighter smile. Should you or Dr. Scalia prefer to make modifications, the veneers can be sent back to the lab for changes and can be reexamined at a subsequent appointment.

Once in place, your porcelain veneers can be expected to last for more than ten, even 20 years — if well cared for! The best part is, no one will know you’ve had work done. Porcelain veneers can look and feel natural — like your own teeth, only better. When people see you smile, all they’ll see is a happier, more confident you.

Crown Lengthening

For information about Crown Lengthening, please visit our Restorative and Prosthodontic Dentistry page

Gum Recontouring

Do you feel like you’d have a better smile if only you weren’t showing so much of your gums? If so, you may be a candidate for gum recontouring. During this cosmetic procedure, our skilled team reshapes your gums to show off more tooth surface, making your smile more gleam than gums.

Composite Bonding

If you’re worried that your smile isn’t looking its best due to chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth, composite bonding may be a great solution. Composite bonding is an efficient, low-cost, minimally-invasive procedure that can correct tooth defects. In just one appointment, our team at Lawrenceville Smiles will bond tooth-colored filling material to your teeth – and then trim, smooth, and polish it to perfection. No mess, no pain, no recovery time – just a beautiful, naturally-glowing smile.

Tooth Recontouring

Even one misshapen or chipped tooth can seriously damage your self-confidence. Our highly trained team at Lawrenceville Smiles can rid your smile of small imperfections with tooth recontouring. During this quick and painless procedure, we sand away a tiny portion of the tooth to alter the shape and eliminate minor flaws. Your perfect smile is just one appointment away.

Teeth Whitening

When your teeth are dull or discolored, you probably don’t feel much like smiling. You’ve thought about trying over-the-counter whitening products, but heard they can lack effectiveness. If you’ve given up trying to figure out how to get white teeth, our Lawrenceville Smiles’ team can help. We use KöR™ Deep Bleaching in our office, or you can whiten at home with a custom-made tray (similar to a mouthguard) and KöR™ whitening products. Either way, you can expect to see a brighter smile in a very short time.


Dentures are also a great way to create a cosmetic smile – while they are not typically thought of this way, they can be made to look fabulous. Since we have control over the way the teeth look AND the way the gums look, we actually have an easier time creating a beautiful smile for patients who need full or partial dentures. While dentures replace teeth for the reasons of function and comfort – they also have the job of making a smile look dazzling.

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