Quality Dental Plan

An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Dental Insurance

We never want dentistry to feel difficult, which is why we’re pleased to offer our patients the Quality Dental Plan. It’s a saving plan catering to both new and existing patients in our practice.  It helps simplify dentistry, taking the guesswork out of what procedures may or may not be covered, and helps end questions about expenses, etc.

The team at Lawrenceville Smiles understands that traditional dental insurance premiums are expensive, and what insurance will cover can be extremely limited in their scope. With QDP, there’s no more worrying or wondering about copay, deductibles or unexpected out of pocket expenses.

Our patients enjoy a personalized program based on individual dentistry needs, that fully covers preventive care for important procedures such as comprehensive exams and x-rays. Upon enrollment, patients also receive valuable benefits based on restorative services such as fillings, crowns, implants and even some cosmetic dentistry procedures.

QDP Member Benefits Include:

  • No Waiting Period. Immediate Treatment.
  • Quality Care For Adults And Children
  • No Benefit Limitations

We always do our very best to ensure care is affordable and convenient for every patient, because we understand the potential financial burden a family can endure by paying out of pocket. That’s why we’re proud to offer QDP to help patients enjoy the dental benefits they deserve.

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