With one or more missing or severely damaged teeth, a bright, broad smile may seem like a thing of the past. The good news is, thanks to Dr. Scalia and Lawrenceville Smiles’ talented team, that doesn’t have to be the case.

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Dr. Scalia has an artist’s eye, so smile restorations completed using crowns and bridges always look beautiful and natural. He performs these cosmetic restorations using all ceramic products or a combination of metal and ceramic, depending on your individual needs.

Crowns cover a single tooth to create a beautiful new surface, while bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. Special types of bridges, called Maryland or Resin Bonded bridges, can replace a missing tooth while by being attached to neighboring teeth.  These unique bridges minimize (and sometimes eliminate) the need to reshape neighboring teeth in order to attach the bridge.  This special type of bridge is used in very specific circumstances and may be right for you as well.  All of these methods correct serious dental issues caused by illness, trauma, or wear and tear. Though the procedures typically take 2-4 appointments, the natural, healthy-looking results will be well worth it and endure the test of time when well maintained.

If you think crowns or bridges may be right for you, talk to Dr. Scalia and our dedicated team. The procedures will restore the full function of your teeth and can leave you with a bright, natural-looking smile.

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